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Posted on May 5, 2011

NewTribeZ was established to provide an enhanced personal, social and business platform through which individual needs and desires could be achieved within a “free, minimally restrictive, tolerant and positive environment”. NewTribeZ places a great deal of emphasis on tolerance and acceptance.

“We encourage individuality, applaud uniqueness and revel in differences. We are all unique and we at NewTribeZ welcome such differences and seek not to judge by race, religion, wealth or on political bias. “

Further to this NewTribeZ aspires to bring about social and environmental awareness by promoting open and constructive discussion on all manner of subject. It is hoped that via such open approach that members will utilise the infrastructure provided to bring about positive contributions to their on and off line communities. Hence the reason for our motto NewTribeZ – “Your community with Heart”

“Our philosophy here is to encourage and to facilitate open healthy discussions on all manner of subjects.”

At NewTribeZ we recognise that variety is the spice of life and there for facilities interaction with other sites.  We place no restrictions on members’ activities other than those necessary to enhance members’ security, privacy and to maintain the site’s general exhibition rating.

“As long as you are civil and respectful to others and maintain modesty, we welcome you and your input.”

NewTribeZ values highly its citizens’ privacy and security as is illustrated by the invitation / application procedures when joining and gaining access to the site. In appreciation for members’ efforts to maintain and promote site security via peer to peer monitoring NewTribeZ agrees never to sell and to install and implement industry leading applications to preserve the integrity of all site data. Conscious of the need for transparent administration NewTribeZ has installed administrative applications to aid in the correction of non community compliant activities.

NewTribeZ Basic membership is free! NewTribeZ‘s rewards our community members (citizens) by awarding them with activity points for various actions taken on or on behalf of the community. Such points will be able to be exchanged for virtual (eg. eCards and virtual gifts) and real goods (eg. NewTribeZ merchandise and information technology products).

Premium memberships are awarded to members who have accumulated a minimum level of points with points being deducted monthly for use of Premium membership access. Points can also be purchased as to elevate a member to Premium member status. Premium members have access to an enhanced number of applications in particular access to sales and promotion activities within the site.

NewTribeZ is an independent web community founded, owned, operated and funded solely by Susan and Greg Gibson.  There are no other investors or financiers involved with the community. NewTribeZ is not affiliated with any other social network but does offer extensive cross posting and data sharing functionality with approved and trusted social networks.

NewTribeZ has been developed from a standard script, to which an array of custom modules have been added to provide a full featured web community.  Such modules include an array of security, spam and virus protection applications. In addition a diverse range of business and social applications have been added to empower the community’s citizens to attain their individual and community goals.

Greg’s professional and industrial qualifications and experience over the last 30 years seen him develop, implement and lecture on many facets within the Information Technology industry.  His design and implementation of Atlantis Trade in 1998 saw him pioneer many techniques now commonly associated with social networks. When combined with Susan’s technical training, industry experience and membership awareness on the implementation and operation of social networks over the last 10 years combines to provide a unique blend of the old with the new. As such along with the tried and proven applications which we have come to expect from a social network NewTribeZ incorporates many new and innovative developments to form the basis for a global web community.

In accordance with their community aspirations Greg and Susan engage in collaborative works with other developers and utilise community minded citizens to draw together the best most feature rich applications. As proven developers in their own right Greg and Susan develop, customise and install applications for other like minded developers.  They seek to maintain NewTribeZ’s development efforts on the leading edge, seeking not to mimic others but to continue their innovative ways and to set new development and functional standards.

Aware that no one has all the answers NewTribeZ encourages community member participation and involvement in all aspects of administration, development and direction. If you have a suggestion or comments then please PM Susan or Greg as they would be pleased to hear your opinion.

NewTribeZ is your community so have your say in creating your community to meet your needs.

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