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Posted on September 9, 2011
Greg Gibson

Greg Gibson
Owner, Founder and

In the response to recent questions and with the impending release of a media interview we have reproduced  Greg C. Gibson’s blog which we hope will answer why and what led to’s creation.

Today we face increasing worldwide challenges; Climate change, Environmental degradation,    economic calamities and ongoing military conflicts all of which have left us a little disillusioned, with less to contribute but with a greater need to see real change.

In thinking on such challenges the “Stone Soup” story came to mind.

A simple struggling family came to a village carrying nothing more than an empty cooking pot. Arriving in a village they requested assistance from the villagers but they were unwilling to share their store of food with the family.  The family went to the nearby stream and filled the pot with water, placed a large stone in the pot and placed it over a fire. A villager became intrigued and asked what they were doing. Making Stone soup which tastes great but it does need a little garnish to make it fantastic replied the family. The villager who has a few too many carrots did not mind offering a couple to help them out, so they were added to the soup. Another villager seeing the pot also inquired and again the family mentioned that the stone soup while good could be improved with garnishing to which the villager offered a few potatoes he had but did not need. These too were added to the pot. As more and more villagers walk by and enquired they too offered that which they could spare and each offering was added to the stone soup. Finally a delicious and nourishing soup was created and the family having cooked too much offered it to all the villages to enjoy.

The message is simple; without coercion and through simple compassion a solution for all was found by each contributing as and what they could.

It is with the “Stone Soup“ philosophy in mind that was formed; the gathering of individuals irrespective of age, race, religion, wealth or political bias contributing as and what they can when they can to in order to form one great new tribe for personal and mutual benefit as we move toward the ultimate goal of world peace.

Imagine what we can achieve if we just tried, join NewTribeZ, its free and it asks nothing more than for you to enjoy a great community and to consider the opportunities that may empower you to make a difference in your personal, business and community life.

25 Sept. 2011 Greg C. Gibson (creator and owner)      

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