Posted on March 3, 2013

What is NewTribeZ?

NewTribeZ you Community with HeartNewTribeZ is an invitation-only website created to connect members through commerce, content and social networking.

We encourage individuality, applaud uniqueness and revel in differences. We are all unique and we at NewTribeZ welcome such differences and seek not to judge by race, religion, wealth or on political bias. Our philosophy here is to encourage and to facilitate open healthy discussions on all manner of subjects. As long as you are civil and respectful to others and maintain modesty, we welcome you and your input.

NewTribeZ is free to join. Once a member of NewTribeZ you will be able to watch video, buy great products, discover new music, play games, connect with and make new friends. News, sports, business news and weather updates are all available to you. We also offer a premium membership accounts to give you more tools and applications to enhance your online experience. Such features include but are not limited to TV and video chat applications.

All relationships on NewTribeZ are mutually confirmed, and no one appears in the NewTribeZ without their knowledge and explicit consent.

NewTribeZ will be what you make of it. We are not here to be your controller or to make demands upon you. NewTribeZ seeks to give you the freedom and control to influence and direct your community and to do so within an established conservative and moral environment. This is your community, a community whose direction you are encouraged to have your say in. Polls, forums and discussion groups are established to empower you to bring your needs to our attention.

At NewTribeZ we reward our ‘citizens’ onsite activity with activity points. Such points are earned by simply doing what you like to do; watch a video, play a game, or even log in. Your activity points can be used to purchase virtual gifts and cards, or specialty items from our in house store.

All active members of the NewTribeZ community are entitled to various discounts and exclusive offers from a variety of in NewTribeZ participating stores and virtual mall participants. If you have something to sell or trade in the community, or on the web, you can pay for the promotion of your item or service with your activity points.

If you are looking for opportunities, education, ideas and information, to have fun, or simply to connect to people, then NewTribeZ may be the best community you have ever joined.

Open social has new meaning at NewTribeZ, as we set out to form one great New Tribe for mutual enjoyment and benefit. NewTribeZ is far more than just a web site it is “a community with heart” and we hope to see you soon at http://www.newtribez.net/

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